Manasquan NJ

September is here, the nights are getting cooler and I feel like I can smell wrestling season in the air.

Step up your training just enough, but not TOO much, as you want to enter the season fresh, strong and healthy, NOT on the verge of burn out. Wrestle or take up Judo 2 – 3 x week, lift Underground 2 x week. Compete at a few tournaments and test yourself, wrestling is about competition and you must put yourself out there, on the line, so to speak.

Some of the wrestling clubs I’ve visited that are AWESOME and might be near you.

CJA Wrestling Club in East Brunswick. New facility and Gene is a kick ass Coach, love this club!

Shore Thing Wrestling Club in Lakewood. Jam packed with tough, high level wrestlers of the shore conference along with BadAss Wrestler and Judo Beast, Vinny Santaniello. Best bet is to just show up and sign up in person, I don’t even know if Vinny has an e mail address 🙂

Triumph Wrestling Club in Ocean. Nick Roy, a former NJ state champ and a D1 All American brings an aggressive style that I haven’t seen in a while. A unique blend of technique and aggressive wrestling is something ALL wrestlers can benefit from. This room is intense and Nick brings the energy. GREAT club!

Elite Wrestling Club in Jackson with Steve Rivera. Another room packed with serious wrestlers and a fast paced style of training. You can’t help but get better & better every single practice under Steve. A kick ass club all the way around!

Cranford Judo Club. A world renown Judo Club located in Cranford. I would love to see more wrestlers gaining experience in Judo and bringing a different style to the mat. This place is amazing and will help your wrestling skills BIG time.

Make the decision and commit to dominating this season.

Wrestle / Judo 2 x week, lifting 2 x week. make it happen.

In Strength,


PS: Underground Training for wrestlers available in Edison and Shore Area (Avon).

Click HERE for Shore Underground, 3 spots available

Click Here for Edison Underground

Serious Inquiries Only Please.