Manasquan NJ

Underground Strength Gym Goes International

Above, BIG Ben Igoe in Paris, 2010 Fencing World Championships When people hear or read about us, they assume we train only wrestlers or only high school athletes. The REAL facts are we train ALL SERIOUS athletes, which means we prepare middle school, high school, collegiate AND post collegiate athletes who are competing on an […]

NJ Wrestling Season, In The Air

September is here, the nights are getting cooler and I feel like I can smell wrestling season in the air. Step up your training just enough, but not TOO much, as you want to enter the season fresh, strong and healthy, NOT on the verge of burn out. Wrestle or take up Judo 2 – […]

NJ Wrestlers Should Cross Train in JUDO!

Check out this video of a state champ from Georgia, who is a Judoka athlete as well. I have been telling our wrestlers since Day 1 to step away from wrestling for at least 3 months and take up JUDO. Now you can see why, watch the video below: Notice his shocking strength (shocking to […]

Underground Wrestling and Combat Training in NJ

Check out David Ellis in training, a Black Belt in Judo and BJJ, Coach at The Cranford Judo Club and of the best Judoka in the USA. Wrestlers and combat athletes in NJ who are serious travel to us from all around the state, including the most respected high school wrestling team in NJ, The […]