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Above, BIG Ben Igoe in Paris, 2010 Fencing World Championships

When people hear or read about us, they assume we train only wrestlers or only high school athletes. The REAL facts are we train ALL SERIOUS athletes, which means we prepare middle school, high school, collegiate AND post collegiate athletes who are competing on an international level.

Two of our top Guns are Ben Igoe, a Fencer who recently competed in the world championships in Paris and has just returned from Bulgaria as well and David Ellis, aka The Judo BEAST.

David Ellis is a world famous (Or FEARED) Judo Beast who is regularly ranked amongst the top 3 Judoka in the USA.

To become a BEAST, understand this, you MUST be willing to do what other athletes don’t want to do. It is amazing how many athlete simply do NOT want to do the little extras that ass up to BIG wins. Amazing….

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PS: We have 2 spaces for trial workouts available for SERIOUS athletes only.

Call today to schedule your trial. Due to the serious nature of our program, Not All athletes are accepted into our program.

Thank you for understanding.

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