Manasquan NJ

Check out this video of a state champ from Georgia, who is a Judoka athlete as well.

I have been telling our wrestlers since Day 1 to step away from wrestling for at least 3 months and take up JUDO.

Now you can see why, watch the video below:

Notice his shocking strength (shocking to his opponents), his ability to lift & throw opponents at ease, his amazing body kinesthesis and his confusing style.

He even hits a flying arm bar and transitions into a take down.

One of our clients, David Ellis, is a Black Belt Judoka at Cranford Judo Club.

One of the best wrestlers to ever emerge from NJ, and one of the best in the world, Steve Mocco was a JUDO faithful and also trained at Cranford JUDO Club.

Below is David Ellis in training, enjoy the video!

Lead from the Front!


PS: If you’re a wrestler I highly suggest you search for a quality JUDO club in your area to add crosstraining to your wrestling training.

The Cranford Judo Club is recognized as one of the best. Click HERE for their info.

PPS: To add even more ammo to your training, regardless of your sport, call us to schedule your FREE Trial session and we’ll see if you’re serious enough to be accepted into our program.

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