Manasquan NJ

Elite Wrestling Club – Thank YOU!

Elite Wrecking Crew – HUGE thanks for going ALL out last week during our 45 minute Underground Training session. You guys DID the work and made the commitment that others won’t do. I promised a gift and a e mailed to everyone but in case you missed it Please click HERE to download Your Gift […]

NJ Wrestlers Face Judgment Day

This week is the beginning of the end for some, or, the beginning of THE journey for other NJ wrestlers. Districts begin this Friday and this is THE proving grounds for NJ wrestlers, to see who has done the work and who hasn’t. For our NJ college wrestlers, there is a little more time. Here’s […]

NJ Wrestling Season Countdown

We are approximately 6 weeks away from the start of the NJ Wrestling Season. Rutgers has already begun their season and they still find time to hit The Underground Strength Gym with their busy schedule. Check out some footage below of two NJ State Champs cranking their wrestling strength and conditioning: Scotty Winston of Jackson […]

NJ Wrestling Season, In The Air

September is here, the nights are getting cooler and I feel like I can smell wrestling season in the air. Step up your training just enough, but not TOO much, as you want to enter the season fresh, strong and healthy, NOT on the verge of burn out. Wrestle or take up Judo 2 – […]

Rutgers Wrestlers Become THE RU Wrecking Crew!

When the Rutgers Wrestling Team began training at The Underground they were wrestlers. Now that they’ve put some dedication into their training they have transformed themselves. Watch the video below and you’ll see some wrestlers who are part of The RU Wrecking Crew….. If you want to become a one man wrecking crew on the […]

Bodyweight Training in Jackson, NJ ELITE Wrestling Club

Wow! Just had an AWESOME Bodyweight training seminar for the wrestlers training out of ELITE Wrestling Club in Jackson, NJ. Steve Rivera runs a kick ass club and tonight was a GREAT night. We cranked bodyweight training as a warm up and progressed into power training and gymnastics based training. From there Steve took his […]