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Zach at Elite Wrestling Club
Zach at Elite Wrestling Club

Wow! Just had an AWESOME Bodyweight training seminar for the wrestlers training out of ELITE Wrestling Club in Jackson, NJ. Steve Rivera runs a kick ass club and tonight was a GREAT night.

We cranked bodyweight training as a warm up and progressed into power training and gymnastics based training.

From there Steve took his crew through drills and live wrestling, and, the end of the night we finished with partner strength exercises and an endless assault of push ups.

Check out the power of Bodyweight training below in the video.

I am SHOCKED when I see varsity wrestlers unable to perform 1 proper push up!

It’s not odd for my athletes at The Underground to crank out 100 push ups as a warm up!

Get to work!

BIG thanks to Steve and the crew at Elite Wrestling Club in Jackson, NJ. I’ll be back again, for sure, and I am honored to have gotten the invitation to train the wrestlers of NJ who train at Elite!

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PS: If you want to dominate your competition and NOT look back at your athletic career with a bunch of woulda, coulda shouldas, then you need to step up your training plan.

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