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This post is dedicated to young  athletes who are in middle school (ages 8-12). A lot of parents ask us what the best age to get their son started with a strength training program is.

Here is our answer…You are never to young to learn how to control your bodyweight, learn proper running technique and establish a solid foundation of general physical preparation.

You see, what many parents don’t realize is that throwing a baseball, getting tackled on the football field, running up and down the basketball court and jumping repeatedly, participating in a wrestling match are all extremely stressful on the body if you are not physically prepared.

When all your son does is compete in his sport and he doesn’t take time to develop his body physically and learn how to utilize his own bodyweight properly, he is an injury waiting to happen.

Have you ever watched a 3-5 year old move around? Kids this age have excellent mobility, they can do a full bodyweight squat with perfect technique. Fast forward this 5+ years and it is crazy how kids can no longer do 1 good bodyweight squat, a lunge or any athletic movement. Over the years young athletes loose their mobility, and ability to perform these movement patterns because of all the time they spend sitting and school and sitting on the couch playing video games. Instead, they should be playing in the playground or playing as many sports as possible.

The Biggest Mistake Young Athlete’s Make

Trying to specilize in a sport from a young age is a HUGE mistake that is made far too often. Parents and kids alike think that if they want to become a better baseball or basketball player, they have to play that one sport all year around and neglect other sports.

Down the road this will lead to muscular imbalances and eventually injury problems. Injuries do not happen overnight, instead they are an accumulation of faulty movement patterns that get worse overtime, eventually leading to injuries.

fat kid sleeping couch The Training of Young Athletes

Let your son play as many sports as possible because this will allow them to become a better overall athlete. Finding a qualified coach is crucial to your son’s future because he will learn to control his bodyweight and learn basic movement patterns that will build a solid foundation to build upon. Ultimately, the best athletes are often ones that played MULTIPLE SPORTS  growing up.

P.S We are starting the Underground Youth Bodyweight Program here at the Underground. If you have a son or daughter who is in middle school and you are interested in more details click here.