Manasquan NJ


Went to a wrestling club today and took them through some training.

Spoke to them about winning and preparation at the end and they all said they wanted to win more than anything else.

Yet they all do the same thing: go to a wrestling club, and wrestle.

No dedicated off season / in season training program, just wrestling.

At the end, I asked the parents who watched if they had any questions.

As a parent, you want to make sure your kid is fully prepared when competing in a sport, right? I’m a parent, I sure as heck would like that option and will take advantage of it.

These parents? No questions, their kids are ready….to do the same as last year.

Another kid runs – his father told me so. Well, everyone else is running, and distance running sucks crap for athletes, unless of course, we’re talking about a Cross Country runner.

You have the option to gain the unfair advantage over your competition and you let it slide, just like 99% of the other athletes do.

The kid who is always breaking records, always dominating, well, we all know he is doing the extra things that you talk about doing yet never actually do.

There are those that do

and those that don’t

Those that will

and those that won’t

Which type of athlete are you?

Kill it!

–Coach Z–

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