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Time for You to Stop Sitting the Bench & Start Getting

the Attention You Want from College Baseball


Learn the Unconventional Baseball Training Secrets to Help You Throw

Faster, Run Faster & Hit Further.

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Dear Serious Baseball Coach, Supportive Parent & Motivated Player,

This seminar is not your typical baseball strength & power seminar where we preach to you about “working your core” and “strengthening your rotator cuff”.

In fact, this seminar is as unconventional as they get. The methods you’re going to learn have been tested in a “Real World Lab”, aka, The Underground Strength Gym. Countless high school and collegiate baseball players have experienced this training system that goes against the norm.

There are no gimmicks or fads or “catch phrases” for us to use. Instead, you’ll learn how to take these methods and apply them to your own training so you too can get the edge over your competition. Most baseball players practice their skill work in the off season. A small few engage in strength and power training, but, unfortunately, their methods don’t produce significant results.

After attending The Underground Baseball Training Seminar you will be able to apply these time tested, results proven, powerful Baseball training methods to skyrocket your success on the Baseball field. It’s time to stop being frustrated sitting on the bench or losing games because you’re too slow, not strong or powerful enough and, plain and simple, not confident enough. Time to make a change.

– Learn the warm up that will both physically AND mentally prepare you to play and train at your best

– Learn the critical prehab / rehab techniques that will keep you healthy year round as well as allowing your body to perform to it’s Max potential

– Specific upper body, lower body and full body exercises that baseball players must use to improve their hitting and throwing power, their speed and athleticism

– How to tailor your Baseball training program according to your position to give you the best training effect, which exercises you should avoid and which exercises you should use.

– Introductory programs for the incoming high school Baseball player. Most Coaches are making their Baseball players weaker, slower and more susceptible to injury. Learn how to train the RIGHT way

– What is the most effective “conditioning” methods for Baseball Players and why most Coaches are doing SERIOUS damage and injustice to their players by making them run long distances

– Simple recovery methods to help Baseball players recover faster and playing at their max potential throughout the entire season while the competition is burned out both physically and mentally

– Plus TONS more!

Coach Megz will have Open QnA time at the end of the seminar as well as plenty of time for exchange throughout the seminar. The seminar is being limited to 12 people Max so we can give you the best attention and make this seminar extremely powerful for you!

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is a great opportunity for High School & College Baseball Coaches, Strength Coaches, Parents of Baseball Players and Baseball Players who want to invest in themselves and learn how to train the most effective way to help them reach their true potential! We are offering a discount for the father / son or the coaches who want to learn together.

The Details are:

Date: Saturday, January 15, 2011 · 9:00am – 1:00pm
Place: Underground Strength Gym / Edison, NJ / 160 Talmadge Rd / Next to Apollon Gym
1 Person = $ 97
2 Person Sign Up = $ 147

All Coaches / Teachers will receive a certificate of attendance after the seminar for CEU Credits.

Take action FAST as there will only be 12 spots available.

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