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For MANY, Football just ended or ends on Thanksgiving. For a select few teams, one week after Thanksgiving.

For MANY Football players, their “off season” training will begin in July when the Coaches require it. What about the other 7 months? Hmmmmmm

Time to set it straight. I’ve watched Coaches “require” their Football players to train with the team, yet 99.9% of these Coaches have NO expertise in proper, effective and SAFE strength & conditioning. I’ve watches these Football players being forced to perform deadlifts and power cleans, heavier and heavier, with horrific and dangerous technique.

Power Cleans that look like strange jumping jacks and deadlifts that turn a kid’s back into a banana shaped catastrophe.

I question the parent who allows this to happen and I question the Coach who requires this type of ineffective, dangerous, catastrophic training.

In the end, the athlete gets hurt because he is not put in a position where he can achieve his potential as well as being at GREAT risk for injury.

Food for thought.

In Strength,

– Zach + Team Underground –

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