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Success Leaves Clues – “The Best Athletes Train All Year”

[youtube width=”700″ height=”400″][/youtube] Van Miller discusses that he’s been training year round since 7th grade, all year, every year. You can train JUST in the off season, but even with ZERO knowledge of sports performance, Understand this simple concept: – When you STOP training for Strength, Speed, Power & Confidence, you can NOT Gain, let […]

Dedicated NJ Athletes

Above, The New Year’s Eve Wrecking Crew! Where Were YOU!!?? Monday morning, 9 am, 10 athletes showed up ready to kick ass and take names. Others were in wrestling, basketball or track and field practice. Then there were others….. You KNOW who you are. 9 am was “too early” for you…. you were “too tired”…. […]