Manasquan NJ

In Season Football Workouts in Edison, NJ

Check out Dawud Hicks of Plainfield, NJ. A standout Football Player AND Wrestler from Plainfield High School, NJ, garnered all state last year as a wrestler. Why did he become all state? Dawud trains YEAR round, even during the in season, and this is what gives him the edge over the competition who cry and […]

Underground Wrestlers Win Union County Wrestling Tourney

BIG Congrats to Dawud Hicks (26-0) who recently won The Union County Wrestling Championships and Russ Benner who also took Gold at 152! Both of these kids are PURE BEASTS and I’m extremely proud of them. Their dedication and intensity are unrivaled and they are looking to do serious damage in a few short weeks […]

Wrestler Training at The Underground Strength Gym

Here we are, wrestlers from all around NJ traveling to The Underground to become BEASTS! In this video you’ll see wrestlers from Plainfield, Spotswood and Old Bridge. They attend wrestling clubs such as CJA Wrestling Club and The Edge School of Wrestling. YES, I am ALWAYS this crazy when I train our athletes! I LOVE […]