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Underground Strength Seminar!

Coach Riz is going to be cranking an Underground Kettlebell Seminar.

All details are below with only 12 spots available.

Date: Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Time: 10 AM – 1 PM

Location: Underground Strength Gym Edison, NJ

160 Talmadge Rd

** Next to Apollon Gym **

Here is what Riz will be covering at The Underground Kettlebell Seminar:

– The Underground Warm Up. How to properly warm up and prepare the mind and body for the work ahead.

– Proper prehab and rehab work to be performed before, during and after Kettlebell training.

– Introduction of Kettlebell Basics. Countless coaches say the know and understand how to perform the most critical kettlebell basic drills such as swings, cleans and presses yet the majority are making countless mistakes limiting the true potential and results they can get from using kettlebells. The kettlebell basics will be covered in detail.

– Kettlebell Training for Strength & Power. Riz will cover how to utilize combo drills, how to adjust body positioning, the speed of each rep and proper technique when training for strength and explosive power using kettlebells. Movements such as the 1 and 2 arm clean and press, the 1 arm snatch along with other combo drills will be covered in detail for you to derive maximum benefit.

– Kettlebell Circuits. Using both single and double kettlebell movements, Riz will talk about proper organization of kettlebell circuits, how and when to use them with your workouts for best results as well as the most effective set and rep ranges to ensure proper form and safety.

– Kettlebell Carries. Riz will show you how we use various Kettlebell carries to attain various results such as strengthening the abs and lower back, improving grip strength, improving overall conditioning and progressing into one of our favorite drills called “Loaded Conditioning”.

– Open QnA. Before leaving you’ll have plenty of time to ask and address any questions or concerns regarding the use of Kettlebells.

There are 12 spots available.

Registration is only $ 97

Who Should Attend The Underground Kettlebell Seminar?:

– Athletic Coaches

– Strength & Conditioning Coaches

– Serious Fitness Enthusiasts

– Personal Trainers

– Powerlifters

– Anyone who wants to learn the proper and most effective methods for using Russian Kettlebells to improve their athleticism, overall fitness, strength, speed, conditioning and power.

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In Strength,

Riz & Zach

PS: Only 12 spots remain so don’t hesitate to sign up.