Manasquan NJ

It’s funny, way too often people think that if they simply use the same equipment as a world class athlete does, they too will achieve world class status.


There are other gyms who use sandbags, tractor tires, kettlebells, etc – as do we at The Underground Strength Gym. So now we can assume they will achieve the same results elsewhere as they would here, correct?


We have athletes coming here from other gyms who use tractor tires, sandbags, etc and they come here unable to do 1 pull up! Something is wrong here!

Why does every gym in America have a bench press, yet in some gyms benching 315 makes you the strongest guy in the gym, while in other gyms, 315 means jack shit. It means you don’t touch the i pod, it means you don’t ask questions, it means you shut up and train.

The differenceis atmosphere and the methods being used.

The tools don’t matter much if you don’t know how to use them to their best effect.

The tools and methods mean that much less if the atmosphere is crap and noone is being pushed to their limits.

So, if you have tires and kettlebells, good for you. You better know how to best implement these tools into an overall program, throughout the entire year, when to deload, when to push, how long to use a certain training cycle and when to back off, when to switch movements and methods on the fly due to the daily fluctuations of energy, mind set and physical health of athletes.

In the video below, I see people benching over 600 lbs, squatting over 800 lbs – I don’t need to go there because guess what, I have a bench and squat rack in my gym too.



Time to shut up, don’t ask questions, listen and train.

Pay attention, class is in session!

If you’re not pushing to break records and be the best while you’re at The Underground Strength Gym – you’re going HOME!

This is a place for die hard serious athletes.

Do you want in?

Only if you have been referred or invited.

No walk ins.


–Coach Z–

PS: I don’t give a shit if I have 5 athletes training here. Numbers are NOT my motive, I want those who have the eye of the tiger. Unfortunately, less and less athletes have the eye of the tiger. Don’t waste our time unless you have the eye of the tiger.