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Yesterday I was watching the Yankees game with my family.

My son loves Baseball and gets into it big time.

While watching the game, or any sport for that matter, I am always looking at how the athletes move, why
one team is better than the next, the mindset, the physiques, the speed, etc.

I watched Aaron Judge make a jumping catch in the outfield and in slow motion you see his forearm
smashing against the wall.

Although the wall was padded, on an untrained athlete, it would have likely caused a broken arm or an injury.


When that happened all I thought about was how so many Baseball parents get duped by the buzz words of “baseball core work”.

Did Judge sprint, jump and then smash against the wall because of core work or is he Strong, Fast, Explosive because of Training for Performance with Basics?

Sure, he is a Genetic Freak, but is THAT an excuse?

Do all the “core work” you want, REAL “core work” comes from stabilizing your trunk through movement, both loaded and unloaded.

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Another Yankee player dropped the ball from his glove, then in a second realized the mistake, he jumped right, grabbed the ball with bare hands and threw to first with lightning speed and accuracy, all from a “Bad Position”.

Did he have this reactive speed and strength from an imperfect position because of “Baseball Specific Core Work”.

Regardless of the sport, the athlete must have great skill.

The sport itself is the ONLY “sports specific training”.

The ability to jump, sprint, transition from position to position comes from being “STRONG”.

When you’re strong, your muscles greater force.

The way we train at The Underground, the athletes develop greater coordination, greater reactive speed,
greater strength from good positions AND imperfect positions……

Why do we train with odd objects and sand filled medicine balls?

Why do we perform exercises on 1 leg?

Because it strengthens the body for the common times ALL athletes find themselves in awkward positions.

When your body is strong all around, you perform with speed and precision compared to the untrained athlete.

WORK HORSES. / Athletes training this morning & competing in sports same day. / #STRONG is STRONG!! / #NoExcuses #UndergroundStrengthGym #Manasquan #ScotchPlains

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Everything we do is “core work” – our training constantly challenges posture and position and we train the athletes to maintain proper technique under the stress.

So you see, a squat is not a squat, is not a squat.

1 athlete doing a squat under one roof is not the same under our roof.

That’s right.

For training, you go to an expert Strength & Performance Coach, you’re here at The Underground Strength Gym.

– Some don’t though. They allow this to be done by the high school coach at school who is likely not an expert outside his / her sport.

– For your teeth, you go to a licensed Dentist, yes?

Or, do you go to the guy up the street who saw a few YouTube videos and read some articles on how the “pros train”?

I hope you go to an actual Dentist for your child, not someone who pretends to be a Dentist!

Keep Living for The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence, being GREAT is a Choice. Do The WORK!

Live The Code 365,

Zach and Team

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