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3 Mistakes Parents of Athletes Must Avoid


In the world of fitness, strength & conditioning, etc there are fads and gimmicks that often times trick people into thinking they are doing the right things, but ultimately wasting time and money.

For an athletes life, time is of the essence. Time can never be won back. Take these 3 tips and avoid them like the plague.

Mistake # 1) Sending weak kids to speed training classes.

If you’re weak then no matter how much you run, how many ladders drills you use, how perfect your arm swings are…. These cool looking activities do not make your child faster. Kids still need to get stronger.

Getting stronger does not mean lifting weights. New athletes at The Underground Strength Gym begin with bodyweight and all introductory training methods. As they develop strength in body AND mind they soon become ready for the next level in performance training.

Mistake # 2) Cutting weight does not make your child stronger than everyone else.

It eats away your child’s  heard earned muscle and makes him weaker… and miserable (I know, newsflash, right!!??).

I’ve seen this in Wrestling and in Pop Warner Football. Heck, we have a wrestler who weighs 84 lbs and is talking about cutting weight and going 80 lbs. Really? At 84 lbs we are cutting weight. If a Coach OR parent allows this they need a wake up call.

When you put on muscle you can actually eat more food and lose weight because your metabolism will be revving so fast.

Mistake # 3) Stopping your in season strength training doesn’t allow you to keep the gains you worked for in the off season. Use it or lose it.

Training is year round. At The Underground Strength Gym we look at what each athlete needs as an individual. Some need more power and speed work, others need more strength, others need their injuries to be addressed, others need more mental toughness and confidence…..

But, no one can reach their potential and maximize their success by stopping their in season performance training.

Smarter is always better.

Parents – Help your child achieve more success by avoiding these 3 mistakes above.

In Strength,

— Team Underground Strength —

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