Manasquan NJ

 What You Do Outside the Gym Matters Just As Much As What You Do IN The Gym

Coach Andy Wary

Many athletes and their parents alike think that getting to the gym is the end-all and only way they can get better.

When in reality, the gym is only a small fraction of your overall training. There are MANY opportunities for our athletes in Scotch Plains, Manasquan & Middlesex.

Here are 6 key tips that can and SHOULD be done outside of the gym to become a More Successful Athlete in Sports AND Life:

1. The first and foremost area that should be taken care of to increase an athlete’s performance is eating correctly and getting enough rest.

Follow our Nutrition guidelines from your welcome packet. We’re always amazed how many athletes eat processed foods or skip breakfast altogether.

Dedication takes NO vacation.

Proper nutrition pays dividends to size, strength, and performance. Rest is needed when the body is put under stress to recover and become stronger.

As my friend Joe DeSena says from Spartan Race, “Nothing good happens after 9 o’clock at night”.

If you’re spending endless hours on video games and your cell phone, you’re “grinding” has NOTHING to do with getting better. Get rid of technology in your room and get to bed by 10 PM.

Stress is not only from the gym, but also from practice and even life in general. The stress of technology hinders your overall performance. Discipline yourself to NOT be a slave to your phone.

2. Doing things correctly.

You may ask what things?…. Everything! From something simple as seeing the trash is full and taking it out, to doing homework to the best of your ability etc. Doing the simple things right will carry over to the rest of your life.

“How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything”

3. Doing the extras.

This can be doing extra credit at school for a better grade, bodyweight exercises at home, watching YouTube videos to practice technique… any extra work that will make you better!

This can include mobility exercises as suggested by coaches * hint hint*.

4. Staying mentally strong.

When your body is run down and beaten up, will you go the will you make the decision to sit at home and play video game or perform a short workout at home to make your body feel better?

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5. Choosing who you associate with.

Your friends will either elevate you or destroy you, choose wisely.

6. Learn and read every day.

Take every opportunity to make yourself better through learning and creating the right mental mind set.

Doing these 6 things throughout your week will bring about a dramatic amount of benefits to your overall life, not only athletics. After all, the gym is only a very small percentage of your week, why not make the best of the rest of your time?

Strength is a Choice.

Success is a Choice.

Weakness and Mediocrity are Also Choices.

Choose. Decide. DO.

Live The Code 365,