Manasquan NJ

So, you say you want to win and be the best, but are you doing what it takes to become the best?

Do you train smarter, not just harder?

Do you make excuses for your poor eating, such as:

“I woke up late”

“I’m too tired”

“I don’t have time”

You either have the eye of the tiger or you don;t, there is no half way.

Do you train like Rocky?

If you train at the typical gym or the high school weight room, there is probably a lot of talk, a lot of goofin’ around and not much hard core training.

Answer honestly, do you REALLY have the eye of the tiger? Only your actions can answer this question.

Kill it!

–Coach Z–

PS: I know a place where hardcore is alive and everyone has the eye of the tiger? It’s called The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ. Not everyone is accepted and not everyone makes it past the first month. It’s too hard for most people. But for those who have the eye of the tiger, The Underground is THE place for them!

Take action and set up your trial workout now by calling or e mailing…


PPS: Actions will determine your answer, not your words.