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Every baseball player wants to improve bat speed and reasonably so, bat Speed is one the major keys to hitting success.

Here are the 3 ways to improve bat speed

1-Improve Lower Body Strength

Lower body strength is paramount for baseball players because it is their foundation. Without a strong and powerful lower body you will not be able to generate the force needed to hit the baseball with power. Think about your legs as your horsepower. The more horsepower you have, the more potential you have to hit the ball further.

Improving lower body strength does not come from machine based training or doing exercises on BOSU balls and other gimmicks. If you want to build a solid foundation of strength in the lower body you have to lift weights.

Here Are 4 Excellent Lower Body Exercises For Baseball Players:

1. Front Squats

2. Deadlifts

3. Bilateral & Unilateral Loaded Glute Bridges

4. Unilateral Leg Exercises (Lunges, split squats, step-ups)

2-Improve Hip Internal Rotation

In order to improve bat speed, special strength exercises should be used by baseball players. Some of the best special strength exercises for baseball players include rotational medicine ball throws. These are a great builder of bat speed because the velocity of the exercise and the movement of the exercise closely mimic the hitting motion.

Check out this video below to see how you can improve bat speed with special strength exercises…

3-Strengthen your Core

Any finally…Every baseball players favorite term to throw around “core strength”. Improve core strength is important for baseball players because the core helps transfers the power generated from the lower body to the upper body and project onto the baseball.

If you have a weak and unstable core, there will be a leakage of power and not all the power generated from the legs will be effectively transferred. If you are doing exercises like Russian Twists, side bends and sit-ups you are missing the boat on core training.

Here Are Awesome Core Exercises For Baseball Players:

1. Pallof Press

2. Single Arm Carry

3. Hanging Knee Raise

4. Body Saws

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