This story on Pat Tillman is beyond inspiring, ALL of our athletes can learn from this Hero.

Look at his traits:

  • Hardest Worker in the Room
  • Modest & Humble
  • Responsible
  • Loyal
  • Patriot
  • Stood for MANY things greater than himself (Team, Family, Country)
  • Gets cut from Varsity Baseball and instead of blaming the coach or making excuses, he hits the weight room and sets more goals!

The Underground Strength Gym stands for so much more than your sports success. The TRUE Strength is when your strength applies to ALL other aspects of your Life.

We’re in a strange world nowadays where I sometimes fear if I am too intense for kids.

Am I too passionate for the parents?

It’s crazy, because that means that hard work and passion are negatives. Come on, NO way.

I thought HARD WORK is the GIFT!

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This is amazing. I am inspired to keep pushing The STRONG Life Message from The Underground Strength Gym!


Live The Code 365,

Zach and Team