Manasquan NJ

The 3rd annual LIFT STRONG fundraiser was held at The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ on June 18th.

Total funds raised between competitors and visitors showing their support: $ 1,220

Our first year we raised slightly more than $ 1,220 and our 2nd year we raised near $ 2,000. I will be doubling the biggest donation which was $ 250 and donating $ 500.

A Few “First Time” things happened this year:

1) We had less competitors from The Underground than ever before – NOT good.

2) Our BIGGEST donations came from NON members and visitors. I would have assumed our very own members would see the importance behind this and try to go above and beyond but I guess not. Our best donation in house was $ 60.

Our BIGGEST donations actually came from NON – members, with donations in the range of $ 100 – $ 250. Our HIGHEST donation came from Larry Wasserman of Breathe Fitness Studio.

This has always been an “in house” competition but this time around we allowed some outsiders to enter.

DeFranco’s Gym had 7 competitors and we had one competitor, Patrick Moore, drive down and compete all the way from Poughkeepsie, NY!

This was, unfortunately, our WORST showing ever. Our participation was DOWN BIG time as our 2nd year had 26 competitors, ALL in house. This time around we only had TWO college competitors, Curls and Chow.

To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. I am finding there to be TOO many excuses and TOO many stories with regards to why today’s generation of athlete’s can’t do this or that. I won’t enable it. Not in my gym.

Changes to Come….

LIFT STRONG will be a MUCH bigger event next year as I will be inviting competitors in from around the world and I will NOT ask athletes of The Underground TWICE to compete.

The minimum donation will no longer be $ 40. I guess this means some high school athletes need to find a job, which seems to be a strange phenomena these days. Work? get a Job? What!!??

It’s time to pay attention, get your act together or get OUT. Period!

Below is some of the action with part II and the final results coming shortly….

I want to thank the friends and family who showed up not just from inside the Underground but from those who follow me at my personal blog.

Stay tuned for Part II and the final results of LIFT STRONG 2010.