Manasquan NJ

Lift STRONG Fundraiser 2018: Navy SEAL Foundation + Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Since the day I opened the FIRST warehouse location of The Underground Strength Gym (2007) we’ve been holding an annual (sometimes bi-annual) Lift STRONG Fundraiser. ALL proceeds and donations go 50/ 50 to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society AND The Navy SEAL Foundation. This event is always GREAT FUN with prices for Top 3 Finishers, […]

LIFT STRONG Summer Fundraiser 2014

LIFT STRONG Summer Fundraiser 2014 Our 8th annual Lift Strong Summer fundraiser is ON. It almost didn’t happen. With what is perhaps my busiest schedule ever, time slipped away more and more but I KNEW we could still make this event happen!  Please read all details carefully, below and share with your friends. Support is […]

LIFT STRONG Fundraiser in Edison, NJ Part I

The 3rd annual LIFT STRONG fundraiser was held at The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ on June 18th. Total funds raised between competitors and visitors showing their support: $ 1,220 Our first year we raised slightly more than $ 1,220 and our 2nd year we raised near $ 2,000. I will be doubling the […]


Some SERIOUS updates on our LIFT STRONG Fundraiser! Friday, June 18th @ 4 PM 1) There will be a Light Weight Category. If you are 150 lbs or Under, you are IN! – Tire Flip 250 lbs x 5 reps for time – Log Clean & Press x 30 seconds for reps – Farmer Walk […]

Lift STRONG or NOT at ALL!

When you lift, you gotta “Lift STRONG” or not at all. Exercise is NOT supposed to be easy. Not if you want to WIN. This Friday, July 3rd at 4 PM I am holding the annual Lift STRONG fundraiser to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Our athletes will be competing to help save lives, represent […]