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This Video is EXCELLENT for our athletes and parents MUST watch.

The reason being is our athletes are eating in a fashion that is not only hindering their success in sports but also leading to possibility of serious health issues down the road.

Our athletes commonly eat skip breakfast, eat the school lunch, come home and eat processed (aka fake) foods, then go to sports practice or gym and then eat a heavy carb loaded dinner.

It is frightening to see such a horrific “diet”.

Watch this Video and take action with the nutrition advice here:

[vimeo width=”700″ height=”400″][/vimeo]

Eggs, Grass Fed Meats, Organic Whole Milk, Raw Cheese, Veggies…..

Nutrition has been the BIG factor I’ve seen to make or break an athlete’s success or lack of success.

Discipline Equals Freedom.

Take Action.