Manasquan NJ

This is one of our 8th grade wrestlers, from Westfield, who comes to The Underground with FIRE in his eyes….

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

The comments under this video on our You Tube Page are saying things like:

“BEAST Mode Activated!!”

“BEAST Mode ON!”

We can NOT teach this type of commitment, intensity and passion. If you don’t have it, then sorry, NO GO at The Underground. We do NOT work with athletes who need us to motivate them. YOU bring the passion, we provide the training system that requires you to do The Work.

Not sure why…. but the world is losing this type of passion…. eye of the tiger… WHERE is it?

Athletes quit when the going gets tough while Mommy and Daddy are enabling the excuses and the quitting.

Not here… NOT here….

– Team Underground –

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