Manasquan NJ

Wrestlers from all around NJ travel to The Underground Strength Gym to prepare to win.

They want to become stronger, faster, meaner, tougher and better conditioned than their opponents.

Some of these wrestlers are defending state champs, others want to be in the varsity line up, others want to go to the states, others want to become a collegiate All American or a National Champ.

They ALL have the eye of the tiger and the will to win. We take care of the rest. Call or e mail us if you think you have what it takes and we will arrange the interview process.

Serious Inquiries Only. Thank You.


(732) 379-9370

PS: Leave a voice message as we do NOT answer the phone while training athletes.


Above, Cole Cameron of Howell Wrestling Team tears it up at Underground Strength Gym, finishing up with a sandbag, kettlebell and medicine ball circuit!


Above, The Rutgers Wrestling Team, aka The RU Wrescking Crew, after a brutal Underground Strength Gym session in Edison, NJ

(732) 379-9370