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Before we move on to what goes down inside The Underground Strength Gym, let me preface ALL of that “Stuff” so the parents and athletes watching our videos can see my friend, Ultimate Warrior, speak about what it takes to succeed. We think the same and that just might be TOO much for most of you. Too intense, expectations too high…..

If you don’t fit this mold and understand that success takes WORK, you do NOT belong here…..

We’ve got NO room for lazy athletes, rude parents or anyone who makes and / or enables excuses. Excuses are for those who cave in to the slightest pressure. At The Underground, you learn to thrive under pressure….

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Athletes need specialized training, that’s a fact. But… before we get specialized, we need plenty of “generalized” work.

Why skinny 100 lb kids are being told by Coaches to do a power clean is beyond me…. “JUMP with the weight” they say, but…. the kid is too weak to JUMP, let alone perform a safe and proper power clean.

Once our athletes develop a level of general physical preparation we can begin specializing and adding speed / explosive power work to their training. But, TOO much speed work and we now move from Quality to quantity and you are NO longer building speed.

It’s dangerous when you have a little bit of knowledge and just throw it on the wall and hope it sticks. I feel bad for athletes who are forced to train under a coach who wants to make an extra buck “covering the weight room”. These kids get ONE shot to make it right, they deserve to learn from experts.

Before I continue I’d like to thank ALL the dumb ass, ego driven coaches who tell their strongest and fastest athletes to train LESS at The Underground when we helped them get to the top…. I own a Football but you don’t see me trying to start my own Football team, catch my drift?

Check out some speed and explosive work we’ve built our athletes up to doing, this is a Football player working side by side with a Baseball player…

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[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

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