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In the Fall of 2007 when we opened The Underground Strength Gym we began training adults after our athletes trained in the afternoon and evenings.

These 8 PM training sessions were short and intense.

The workouts were very similar to what our athletes did minus some specifics that just weren’t safe for most adults.

– We lessened and / or removed jump training.

– Mobility issues were addressed and complex movements such as Olympic Lifting were replaced with dumbbells, kettlebells and sandballs.

These modifications allowed us to safely perform full body exercises with a faster learning curve and in turn, faster results.



A BIG Goal When we train adults is this: We want to ensure that the training doesn’t take away from your life or daily activities.
The training should make your life BETTER.
I recall a friend of mine who had kids would go to a gym in the mornings and every workout was all about getting crushed.
This woman was already in great shape but her back began hurting on a regular basis, her shoulder was throbbing and she had LESS energy, not more.

She felt like the overly intense training was interfering with her family life so she had to stop.

I took that lesson to heart and as an adult / parent myself, I know how much energy it takes!

Training harder and crushing you every workout isn’t better. Better is BETTER.

Proper training makes you feel better. It’s not about exhausting you.

We also limited the timed workouts such as get as many rounds of this or that. I found technique would get thrown out the window as time or getting more rounds became the priority.

There are other ways to compete with yourself in others and with yourself during each training session but Technique Is ALWAYS # 1.

When you train in our adult strength classes, you’ll go through a warm up to get the mind and body ready.

As a beginner or advanced lifter, you can train side by side with other adults regardless of their or your experience because we use a model with progressions and regressions.

If someone is performing squats or deadlifts with a barbell, you might use Kettlebells or a bodyweight variation to build you UP to that level of strength & fitness.

To say EVERYONE has to deadlift isn’t safe, smart or effective.

Even our athletes train like this.

You train in a group yet sometimes you’re doing a different variation of that exercise that is best suited for you! To force everyone into the same exercise variation is not safest or most effective.

To help our adults improve on each training cycle, we perform full body workouts 3 – 4 x week. How often you train is up to you. I tell adults that 2 x week is 200% more than ZERO training sessions each week.

These workouts are similar in nature for 2 – 3 weeks to help the body adapt with improvements in technique, strength, stamina and overall fitness. After 2 weeks, we switch up the workout to keep the body from adapting but each week helps build you into the next week.



If we constantly vary the exercises every single training session & every week you actually NEVER get good at those exercises.

In turn, you hinder your results because you spend excess time on technique vs training at an adequate intensity with movements and exercises that you are learning to master.

Or, On the flip side, if you skip the learning of technique and push the intensity too soon, you end up injured and / or discouraged.

We don’t do what isn’t right for you.

Men and Women CAN be Strong, Fit and Athletic. The key is, a proven training system that Builds you UP instead of breaks you down.

We’re psyched for you to begin Training with us at The Scotch Plains Underground Strength Gym and we will transform you NOT just physically, but also emotionally and mentally.

It’s ALL about The STRONG Life: Mind, Body & LIFE!

Prepare to feel GREAT.

Prepare to Get results!

Live The Code 365.