ATTENTION: SERIOUS Wrestlers of The Shore Conference

State Championship Wrestling Training

“Often Imitated, NEVER Duplicated”

“Who Else Wants to Experience The Powerful

Underground Strength

& Conditioning Methods Guaranteed to Have You

Dominating Your Competition & Racking Up Wins,

Pins & Championships?”

From: Zach Even – Esh
Owner, Underground Strength Gym

Dear SERIOUS Wrestler & Parent,

For years I’ve been asked by countless parents, coaches and wrestlers to bring my specialized wrestling training methods down to the shore. Well, now it’s ON. The training takes place in Avon inside my friend’s hardcore gym, The Training Room. Space is limited and the program is focused for wrestlers who have BIG goals and want to dominate their competition.

Being in Edison has made it tough for shore wrestlers to train with me, although some have made the trek. Now, there are NO more excuses for missing out.

Our results speak for themselves. Period. Our training success has been proven year after year with the success of our wrestlers who regularly qualify and place in the state tournament. Many people try to copy and imitate what we do but NONE of them can duplicate our success.

It goes BEYOND just copying the training tools I use with the wrestlers. It’s a specialized system of training that has been tweaked and revamped through the years and continues to improve each and every workout.

There are wrestlers traveling to my gym from all around NJ, including Blair Academy and The Rutgers Wrestling Team. Almost every time a wrestler from the shore area wants to train here it just doesn’t fit into their schedule due to travel time, but, a VERY few who commit BIG time to the training do make the trek from the Jersey Shore up to The Underground Strength Gym in Edison. No doubt about it, these wrestlers and their parents are BIG time serious and VERY supportive.

These parents understand that saving a few bucks or saving some time in their commute doesn’t justify missing out on the best training possible for their son.

NO More Excuses for Wrestlers in The Shore Conference

Former NJ State Champs Hunting for a National Title

Above, Alex Caruso & Scotty Winston after an Underground Workout as they prepare to win a National Title

NOW, there are NO excuses if you want to be the best because I will be in your very own backyard.

It doesn’t get any better than this for you if you truly want to become a wrestler who dominates his competition and racks up wins and championships. I can’t emphasize this enough, what I am bringing to the shore area is only for the most serious of wrestlers. If you’re not serious about winning then by all means you can find someone who is average to train with and in the end you’ll get average results at best.

Granted, this small dedication of only 2 extra hours per week will be too much to ask for the recreational wrestler who doesn’t have BIG goals. Your minimum goal coming into this program should be placing in the states. You MUST have the eye of the tiger. And….. in as short as 2 weeks you will be shocked as you’ll already be feeling stronger, more explosive, more conditioned and mentally tougher.

As you know, if you want MORE success you’re going to have to do something different than your competition, something to give you that extra edge that your competition doesn’t have. Training at The Underground IS that extra edge.

Check Out Rutgers Wrestlers Below, Training with The Best…..

Some of you might want to to spend those extra 2 hours playing video games or going through some cookie cutter workout program from the local gym. If that sounds like you then you’re in the WRONG place and The Underground Strength Club is NOT for you.

In addition to The Rutgers Wrestling Team training with me, Coach Buxton of Blair Academy has been consulting with me and having me work with his team for one year now. On a regular basis Coaches fly to my gym not just from around the country but from around the world so they can bring back my powerful methods for the athletes they train.

Check out Blair Wrestling Team Training at

The Underground Strength Gym ….

Now, I am only a few short minutes away from you and it is up to you to step up your game and take advantage of this opportunity. That is what LIFE is all about. In fact, that is what Wrestling is all about: Taking advantage of opportunities that allow you to gain that slight edge when someone else lets opportunity pass them by.

Space is Limited & Not Everyone Will Be Accepted

Due to my hectic schedule I can only accept a few SERIOUS wrestlers into this specialized Underground wrestling program.

Your Underground Training Schedule:

Location: The Training Room / Avon / 406 Main St (across from Ferguson’s Plumbing)

Schedule / Training Days: 2 x week, Tuesday and Friday at 6 PM

In a nut shell, the few wrestlers who are accepted into this program will dominate their competition with the physical AND mental transformations they make.

– Your takedowns will be more explosive and damn near impossible to stop

– Your stamina & conditioning will remain high and aggressive while you opponent becomes weaker and slower. NO More gassing out in the 3rd period.

– Your mental toughness will allow you to physically break down your opponents during the toughest of matches. You will have the confidence knowing you put in the work to WIN.

– Your explosiveness from bottom will make it brutally impossible for your competition to hold you down

– Your brute strength and explosive speed will give you the added extra power for racking up near fall points and locking up pinning combinations

– You will physically and mentally break down your opponent with your relentless speed, strength & conditioning.

It’s a common occurrence for a wrestler who doesn’t even make

it out of Districts one year to Qualify for States the next

year after training at The Underground.


These specialized Underground Wrestling Strength & Conditioning methods will separate you from the competition and help you rack up wins and championship titles.

Take 10 seconds and Answer these Questions Below:

Have you ever lost a match because your opponent had better conditioning than you?

– Have you ever been out-muscled or felt weaker than your opponent?

– Did you ever experience a lack of confidence in yourself and your ability to win?

– Have you ever felt your opponent was too fast or too athletic for you?

– Were you ever stuck on bottom, unable to escape from your opponent?

– Have you ever lost a match or tournament by 1 point or in overtime?

– Have you ever been pinned?

If you answered “Yes” to ANY of the above questions then you are telling yourself that YOU NEED to become stronger, faster, mentally tougher, highly conditioned and overall, you need a Serious Dose of Underground Training.

Truth is, unless you’re undefeated and a national champ, you NEED to get stronger, faster, tougher and more explosive.

Heck, even if you ARE a state or national champ, don’t think for a second you can relax as there is someone out there looking to knock YOU off the podium.

Here is Where YOU are Hurting Yourself

On their own, without proper guidance, I see Wrestlers and Coaches implementing the WRONG methods and actually detraining themselves, making themselves slower, weaker and more likely to get injured and burnt out.

When you train with me, there are NO mistakes.

My methods have been proven in the trenches with wrestlers around NJ and around the world. Every minute of every workout is carefully planned and crafted so you will experience greater strength, speed, stamina AND mental toughness within the first 2 weeks. Every Week you will get stronger, faster and more conditioned. GUARANTEED.

Here’s How to Apply & How to Get Accepted….


Here is How You Can Get Accepted….

-Discuss this program carefully with your parent(s). Understand that I do NOT work with cry babies, whiners or lazy wrestlers.

– Your Bare Minimum Goal must be a STRONG desire to qualify for the states if you want to be accepted into the program. If you don’t want to qualify for states then this program is NOT for you and you are not serious enough.

– You must be self motivated. If I am more motivated than you are, you will be kicked out of the program.

– You must have manners. Nothing is worst than rude and / or lazy athletes. I don’t accept either.

– Prepare to arrive on time, ALL the time. NO Excuses. This is a SERIOUS program and requires responsibility and accountability.

Only a handful of wrestlers will be accepted into this specialized program allowing me to create a tailor made program for this small group of hard core, highly motivated wrestlers.

To Apply, E Mail me ASAP, SERIOUS Inquiries ONLY Please, Thank you.

Looking forward to helping you become a Wrestling BEAST. It’s time to achieve the goals that have always escaped your grasp, until NOW.

Dedicated to Your Success,

– Zach –

E Mail:

Check out The Rutgers Wrestling Wrecking Crew Getting Busy,

Underground Style!!

Watch The Video Below to See What Dan Gable has to Say About the

Importance of Physical Conditioning.

Makes You Think Twice About What it REALLY Takes to Win!

E Mail Me NOW to Dominate Your Competition

Serious Inquiries ONLY Please.

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