Manasquan NJ

East Brunswick Athlete Gains 30 + Lbs & Confidence BIG TIME

Check out this AWESOME SUCCESS STORY of Mihir Pillai of east Brunswick. Mihir began training with us in late 5th grade while his older brother trained here. Normally, we do NOT train athletes until they are in 6th grade and older. Mihir had a special case where we HAD to help him. At first, Mihir […]

NJ Snow Storm: Underground is Closed, Wed., Feb 10th

Above, the view I had heading to the gym early this morning 🙂 Sorry Dudes…. Word is that the snow intends to worsen as the day goes on and I don’t want anyone driving through harsh roads as I did this morning at 7 AM for a heavy duty Squat Workout 🙂 Then I’ll be […]

"Do I Need a Gym"

One of the most common questions I get via e mail is, “Do I need a gym” to run my training business? My FAST answer, “Hell NO!” You don’t need a physicla location or a roof over your head when you get going. In fact, if you live in an area with year round warm […]

MAKE It Happen!

I read a statistic somewhere that only 10% of people who buy a book actually read it and even less make it through the first chapter. I have spoken about Life’s Top 1% MANY times before. Even if the action is imperfect, the mere fact that you are taking action will bring success your way. […]