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Check out this AWESOME SUCCESS STORY of Mihir Pillai of east Brunswick.

Mihir began training with us in late 5th grade while his older brother trained here.

Normally, we do NOT train athletes until they are in 6th grade and older.

Mihir had a special case where we HAD to help him.

At first, Mihir just did the warm up with us plus 1 or 2 sets of sleds and Kettlebell Carries.

Slowly, we added a little bit more work, more exericses here and there and now we see this amazing young man transformed BEYOND the Physical. His confidence has gone sky high and it reminds us what TRUE strength REALLY is.

TRUE strength will always transcend the gym walls.

His confidence has changed tremendously and he has gained OVER 30 lbs!

Listen / Watch the Video below as to how Mihir plays Soccer, Wrestles, trains with us AND does work on his OWN. He is a GREAT example of being self motivated and driven to succeed.

He has FUN with all of his training.

TRUE “Strength” transcends the weight room and THAT is what we’re all about at The Underground Strength Gym.

Strong Mind

Strong Body


Success is NO Accident.

Success Leaves Clues.

There is MUCH to Learn from Mihir, regardless of your age.

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