Manasquan NJ

East Brunswick Athlete Gains 30 + Lbs & Confidence BIG TIME

Check out this AWESOME SUCCESS STORY of Mihir Pillai of east Brunswick. Mihir began training with us in late 5th grade while his older brother trained here. Normally, we do NOT train athletes until they are in 6th grade and older. Mihir had a special case where we HAD to help him. At first, Mihir […]

From Slowest & Weakest, To Strongest, Fastest & Johns Hopkins Football

The ORIGINAL #UndergroundStrengthGym Ass Kicker stopped by yesterday! #Edison #Manasquan / Brian “Curls” Pascal has one of my favorite stories: – when I was in elementary physical education teacher he was always the slowest kid who was tagged first during every game – when he got into middle school he started doing calisthenics every day […]

NJ Athletes Training with Kettlebells

Kettlebells are just a tool, not the end all be all, magic bullet of athletic performance. But, when used correctly, Kettlebells can be a very effective training tool for our NJ athletes. They can be used to improve: – athleticism – strength endurance – power endurance – grip strength – core strength / trunk stability […]

Wrestling Training in NJ at Shore Thing Wrestling Club

Yesterday was a beautiful day in NJ. I had just returned from Louisville, KY and Ohio on a business trip. I got in some awesome training using Kettlebells, bodyweight training, resistance bands and good ol’ fashioned powerlifting training. Sunday morning it was time to travel down the Jersey Shore for some wrestling training at The […]

Underground Strength Gym inaved Houston, Tx with Sincere Hogan!

Check out the video of Sincere Hogan, because as the man himself says, “Shit ain’t safe NO more!” Sounds good to me! Check the video and drop your comments and questions below… Sincere Hogan is an awesome dude who REALLY knows his training, BIG time. So check him out: Houston, TX will NEVER be […]