Manasquan NJ


One of the most common questions I get via e mail is, “Do I need a gym” to run my training business?

My FAST answer, “Hell NO!”

You don’t need a physicla location or a roof over your head when you get going.

In fact, if you live in an area with year round warm weather, you can easily get away with running your biz out of the trunk of your car, truck, van, etc.

I’m sure you’ll want more, BUT, it is VERY doable and can still be an awesome training biz.

I began from my Dad’s garage, and once I bought a house, still, most of the training I did with my athletes was performed outdoors in the backyard or at the local playground.

In the backyard we cranked all types of log training from the old cherry tree we cut down.

I had a rope hanging from the tree for rope climbing and a few sledge hammers to beat on the old tree stump.

Throw in some kettlebells and bodyweight training and our athletes were training like Rocky and feeling stronger, faster and more conditioned than ever before!

I had my trusty ISUZU Rodeo and could load up 3 or 4 sleds with a few sandbags and the local playground would be transformed into a area of physical culture – hill sprints, sled work, monkey bar hand walking, pull ups, leg raises, jumps onto the picnic tables and sandbag training.

Trust me, even I still miss those early days, and even my athletes who are still with me today talk of those days with a longing.

You can make it happen, regardless of your situation.

The difference is if you’re willing to do a little more than most.

Let me leave you with this quote:

“By doing just a little more than most,

you can make a lot more than most”



PS: You might be wondering how do you tap into your extra potential? Your ability to “Make it Happen!”???

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