Manasquan NJ

NJ Athletes Get STRONG in Edison Gym

In Edison, NJ….. We do things a little bit differently 🙂 Check out a Football player box squatting 385 lbs at a bodyweight of 170 lbs. Check out 130 lb sandbags getting tossed around. Check out the unique pull ups being used to developing pulling strength and grip strength. Athletes need strength, speed, stamina, flexibility […]

"Do I Need a Gym"

One of the most common questions I get via e mail is, “Do I need a gym” to run my training business? My FAST answer, “Hell NO!” You don’t need a physicla location or a roof over your head when you get going. In fact, if you live in an area with year round warm […]

Extra Credit for the Extra Edge

Yesterday I went through a hellish workout with some friends of mine down by the Jersey Shore. I won’t lie, I got rocked going through this unusual workout regime, and, because I wasn’t totally satisfied with my efforts, I made sure to crank a lil’ extra credit at the end of the workout. See the […]