Manasquan NJ

Who do You Want to Train?

Many people ask me if training Underground is just for athletes. “What if I license my own Underground Strength Gym? Is it just for athletes?” When I started my gym, I actually trained anyone and everyone. Athletes during the day and evening and general fitness peeps rolled up at night. In my gut, I wasn’t […]

"Do I Need a Gym"

One of the most common questions I get via e mail is, “Do I need a gym” to run my training business? My FAST answer, “Hell NO!” You don’t need a physicla location or a roof over your head when you get going. In fact, if you live in an area with year round warm […]

Underground Strength Gym License is ON!

Seattle is gonna be rockin and pumpin with The Underground. First we got the crew from Element 5 Fitness. Check it out as they talk about what it means to be part of The Underground movement. These bruddahs are as cool as hell and are ready to come to NJ and learn how to unleash […]