Manasquan NJ

Overcoming Obstacles, County Champ & 100 Wins

Above, Thomas Grosso of Seton Hall Prep wins the 170 lb County Title Above, Ryan Fahy achieves 100 Wins to become part of Spotswood High School History! I am beyond proud of Ryan Fahy and Thomas Grosso. BOTH of these boys have overcome some serious obstacles to achieve such HUGE victories and be placed in […]

2 Mistakes Athletes Must Avoid

What happens when an athlete is sore, run down and feels weaker than normal? Is this over training or under preparation or ____________? There are many answers but here are the BIG 2 mistakes to be avoided and HOW to avoid them to achieve maximum success as an athlete. Enjoy! [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] In Strength, […]

Edison Athletes Motivation with Rocky & Al Pacino

These guys REALLY fired me up. There is something AMAZING about kids who “get it”. They do the HARD work without anyone else motivating them, they motivate themselves from within. This is a VERY rare quality as I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of athletes, teams and coaches through the years. Check out the motivation […]