Manasquan NJ

These guys REALLY fired me up. There is something AMAZING about kids who “get it”.

They do the HARD work without anyone else motivating them, they motivate themselves from within. This is a VERY rare quality as I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of athletes, teams and coaches through the years.

Check out the motivation and intensity of the crew at The Edison Underground Strength Gym.

What is CRITICAL to preface here is that these kids WORKED to become Animals. They did NOT show up as BEASTS. They started here as beginners. They had a lot to learn and had to work through YEARS of gut busting workouts. YEARS. Not a few weeks or a few months. The majority of athletes you see in these videos have been with us for YEARS, some as long as 5 or 6 years!

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The Motivational Videos Played In The Above Videos…..

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