Manasquan NJ

Stop Being So Sensitive & Get STRONGER

The Battle Against Mediocrity is at an all time high. I had NO clue that you get made fun of for working hard. So these kids are saying it’s cool to be average? It’s cool to be a follower? I can’t accept that. Perhaps the easiest thing to do is see what all the average […]

TRUTH About In Season Training: Is It Bad? Is It Too Late? Too Hard?

I had a recent conversation with a parent asking me about his son who is wrestling. They have 3 weeks until Districts. Is it bad to start training NOW? Will the kids lose flexibility, is it too hard, too much work, etc. I replied, Here’s the worst thing that can happen: The Kids will Get […]

Underground Strength @ Shore Thing Wrestling Club, Part II

Here is Part II of the “equipment” I’ll be bringing with me down to The Underground Strength inside Shore Thing Wrestling Club. Starting July 6th at Shore Thing Wrestling Club. If you are a wrestler or parent from Shore Thing and received your invite, you can e mail me to apply. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE. […]