Manasquan NJ

LIFE Lessons & Champions from High School to College

[youtube width=”700″ height=”400″][/youtube] Note that Success Leaves Clues! This Video comes from Chris Lee and Matty Mazarati, BOTH of these boys began training in high school and they trained ALL year long, in season and off season. Chris played Baseball in Edison at JP Stevens and Matty played Football at Monroe which isn’t the closest […]

NJ Football Workouts – 6 Months To Get Ahead Of Your Competition

“Are YOU Working Harder AND Smarter Than Your Competition?” In 6 months Football doubles begin. Many schools have their own workouts and the Football Coaches fear what we do will hurt their kids or take them away from the team aspect of their very own Football workouts. Here are a critical elements to our Underground […]

Dedicated NJ Athletes

Above, The New Year’s Eve Wrecking Crew! Where Were YOU!!?? Monday morning, 9 am, 10 athletes showed up ready to kick ass and take names. Others were in wrestling, basketball or track and field practice. Then there were others….. You KNOW who you are. 9 am was “too early” for you…. you were “too tired”…. […]