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The Difference Between Good Athletes VS GREAT Athletes?

From our middle school athletes to D1 athletes, I get to see a LOT of different athletes. – Varied talent levels – Varied natural abilities – Varied Attitudes / Personalities – Varied work ethic And then this morning, I saw a GREAT Video based on a boxer who broke his neck and made a come […]

Baseball Strength Training TRUTH + Are YOU Training to be Good or GREAT??!!

I put together a LIVE Video on our Instagram to discuss the common fallacies behind Baseball Performance Training as well as the mindset behind what it takes to be GREAT at your chosen sport (s). Unfortunately, the over abundance of information or misinformation rather, has confused players, parents and coaches and often times scared these […]

Dave Zabriskie On Training, Thinking & Living Like A Champion – Part 2

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] Think about the key points Dave has hit upon for Team Underground to achieve success: – Visualize yourself winning and dominating your competition every day – Confidence comes from doing the right things. If you’re nervous or second guessing yourself, it’s likely you are cutting corners and NOT training hard enough – […]