Manasquan NJ

From our middle school athletes to D1 athletes, I get to see a LOT of different athletes.

– Varied talent levels

– Varied natural abilities

– Varied Attitudes / Personalities

– Varied work ethic

And then this morning, I saw a GREAT Video based on a boxer who broke his neck and made a come back.

It inspired me to speak about a favorite topic, WORK ETHIC!

This boxer breaks his neck and fights to make a comeback.

How TOUGH is your life?

Is that 1 hr of training destroying your life?

We need to get TOUGHER. The training is a privilege!!

The thing is.

It IS ALL SIMPLE, just like the video says. It IS Simple.

Stop complicating everything.

I said SIMPLE…..


Hence, why so many athletes come and go.

As soon as it gets hard, many will quit.

I wish it wasn’t the case, but it’s the truth.

I watch our most successful athletes from youth to D1, and wanna know what theBEST do?


– proper nutrition

– consistent training, BOTH in season AND off season

– Recovery work on their own

– proper sleep / lifestyle

– great coaching

– great social circles

If you are missing just 1 of the above, you have 85%.

Missing 2 of the above or maybe inconsistent on 2 of the above, you are at 70-80%.

Guess what 75% is?


Point being…..

Don’t come and go from The Underground.

Don’t eat junk every day.

Don’t go to sleep at midnight.

Don’t make excuses about your lack of skill, you can train ANY sport with your teammates on the playground, anywhere

Don’t blame the ref, the coach, the bla bla bla.


You’re sore and can’t train?

Getting rid of soreness happens through blood flow, aka exercise. Show Up, do the work. Again, Again and Again.

Sitting home and sulking doesn’t help anyone.

I want to see you be GREAT.

But guess what…..

That doesn’t matter. What I want, what the Coaches want, it doesn’t mean zip.

Your Mom & Dad need to support you.

And YOU, the athlete, YOU have to do the work. Go get a job to help pay and take ownership over your training.

Mediocrity is a choice.

What do YOU choose? Average or AWESOME!? Deep down, YOU KNOW the answer.

Live The Code 365,

Zach and Team