Manasquan NJ


I still remember that photo and poem on the wall in my old gym.

It was dead center above the squat rack, the only squat rack in the gym.

It was an OLD black & white photo of Tom Platz squatting, a photo I have never been able to find on the net or anywhere else.

Tom was squatting with a bending bar, he looked to be in college, his legs, of course, looked like tree trunks!

Under the photo was a poem in a frame, and it always strikes me, even so many years after I have been gone from Diamond Gym.

“There are those that do

and those that don’t”

“Those that will

and those that won’t”

That photo and poem were surely placed their for a reason, which was to ensure we never backed down on the toughest exercise around, the barbell back squat.

The poem brings me to a point, which is that I have been seeing a lot of those that won’t lately.

A lot of people talking instead of walking.

There is a line MANY will NOT cross when it comes to pursuing their goals and dreams. There is that top 1, 2 or 3% that will cross that like though. And that top 3 % will achieve BIG things, they will break barriers and change the world.

But, it all begins with ACTION, and this my friend, takes WORK.

Work is something sooooo many people forget about. HARD WORK.

A perfect example. JP Stevens Wrestling team received a special 2 week FREE invite to the gym.

How many showed up and took advantage of the FREE training?


What line will you cross to achieve your goals?

Or, will you simply talk the talk?

Kill it!

–Coach Z–

PS: The Underground Strength Gym accepts those who DO. We have a 1 day trial where we test YOU, to see if you are mentally prepared for the work ahead to help you become the best. Not everyone is accepted, but, for those that are accepted…… they crush the competition.

Serious inquiries only may contact me at:

(732) 379 – 9370