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Funny how parents are actually putting their children at risk by not doing everything they can to improve their performance.

I ask parents this question to get them to dig deep:

“Have you done everything you possibly could to help your child be prepared as best as possible for his / her sport?”

If the answer is “No”, then you must ask yourself what kind of parent you are.

We had a wrestler go through a trial period here at The Underground Strength Gym of Edison, NJ and he had an insanely tough time going through our modified (wimpified) baseline programs. He threw up constantly and was not even able to be considered in horrible condition, this would be a compliment.

Do I sound rude? Sorry, this is truth speaking, nothing else.

Last year his shoulder was torn during a wrestling match – this can certainly happen in wrestling or other sports, but, being weak and not having strong tissues and muscles only adds to the possibility of you getting injured.

After having a poor performance last year, the Mother decided it is not good for her son to strength train 2 x week.

This is kinda like the baseball player who isn’t into lifting weights.

It says “I am not into winning.”

I feel bad for this kid because he wanted to train Underground, yet his Mom didn’t feel the need to support her son, even after his poor performance last year and a very serious shoulder injury.

Where’s the support, I must ask, where the hell is the support?

Kill it!

–Coach Z–

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