Manasquan NJ

Eye of the tiger – do you REALLY have it?

So, you say you want to win and be the best, but are you doing what it takes to become the best? Do you train smarter, not just harder? Do you make excuses for your poor eating, such as: “I woke up late” “I’m too tired” “I don’t have time” You either have the eye […]

Serious Underground Training at CJA Wrestling Club

  Last night was the 1st session of 6 at CJA Wrestling Club in North Brunswick, NJ. This was a special Underground conditioning course I put together for SERIOUS wrestlers and we had 20 dead serious guys ready to kick some butt. We rocked out endless gymnastics training, all types of partner combative drills and […]

Another Day At the Underground Strength Gym

Here is a video with some of our young athletes training – tire flipping and squatting – a lot of hard work but a lot of fun. [youtube][/youtube]

BEAST City & another day in the office!

My heart was thumping, because I LIVE for this stuff! At 6 PM The Underground Strength Gym was pumping! It was beast city! 600 lb tires being flipped Wrestlers training for the brutal Super 32 Barbells being Deadlifted Ropes being climbed Sledge hammers swinging Sleds and Prowlers being pulled, pushed and ran with Chalk flying […]

Where’s the support?

Funny how parents are actually putting their children at risk by not doing everything they can to improve their performance. I ask parents this question to get them to dig deep: “Have you done everything you possibly could to help your child be prepared as best as possible for his / her sport?” If the […]

SERIOUS Wrestlers in Training…FINALLY :)

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes with the South Plainfield Wrestling Club training them with some Underground bodyweight and partner drills. It was refreshing to be around an entire crew of motivated wrestlers. Yep, I’m still disgusted with the ENTIRE team that doesn’t even take advantage of 2 FREE weeks of Underground training. There were 5 year […]

This School & their athletes will Pay the Price, VERY Sad!

When I first opened my Underground Strength Gym I began the planning for my fundraiser which was motivated and inspired by my homeboy, Alwyn Cosgrove. I sent invites to compete in this strongman fundraiser to surrounding schools. It was 3 other schools in addition to the one school where I had many Football players. I […]

Wrestling Brothers Return to The Underground

  JC and Mikey Bandiero kill the rope climbs at The Underground Strength Gym of Edison, NJ. Strong hands, solid abs, powerful pulling muscles – gotta kill it with the ropes. The boys are back in town! Kill it! –Coach Z– PS: JC was my very first client, back in the day when I was […]

Life has a top 1% – You are Probably NOT in it!

Went to a wrestling club today and took them through some training. Spoke to them about winning and preparation at the end and they all said they wanted to win more than anything else. Yet they all do the same thing: go to a wrestling club, and wrestle. No dedicated off season / in season […]