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If you want to be better than the competition there’s NO secret: You MUST train smarter than your competition, train harder and overall, do ALL you do Better than your competition.

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When you do the right things in your training, not only does your physical prowess step above and beyond the others, but so does your confidence. Confidence is more often than not THE limiting factor that stops many athletes from becoming champions. They simply don’t believe in themselves.

How can you believe in yourself if you haven’t trained in a way that you KNOW is better than those around you?

Well, check out 8th grade Basketball BEAST, Brandon Radd of Edison.

He just received MVP for his Basketball League AND he received honors in his all honors classes, NO easy feat at all, considering he also plays Basketball for his middle school team, trains with us 1 x week, goes to CCD…. that’s a BUSY schedule for an 8th grader!

Check out the details below, HUGE congrats to our homeboy, B.Radd!

As you can see, it takes a “team” to create success. We have a hard working kid with supportive parents and the success always comes. The right things happen.

Are you a supportive parent with a hard working, well mannered athlete who wants to become a champion? If so, why not give him / her the opportunity to realize their true potential?

Sign up for a FREE Trial Workout below and get started TODAY….. Don’t be “that guy” who wants to start “tomorrow”…. “when the season ends….”

The time for success is NOW, NOT tomorrow…..

In Strength,

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