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WARNING: The Video & Article Below Will Offend Many

If YOU are Offended, Then I am Probably Talking About YOU!

Most athletes do NOTHING extra. Not even an extra inch. They get discouraged because they think they need to go the extra mile.

Before you go the extra mile, you need to go the extra inch.

Watch and Learn…..

The speech given above doesn’t just apply just to football players, but for ALL NJ ATHLETES!

Here’s what I KNOW:

– 8 kids just quit a high school wrestling team because it was too hard. Their Coach is actually my old high school wrestling coach. He was awesome…. sounds like he STILL is awesome.

– It’s a sign of the times. Most athletes don’t wanna do any extra. They want facebook, cell phones, video games and fast food. I call this the pussification of the human race.

– Many Varsity athletes can not perform these basic physical tasks:

A) 50 push ups

B) 10 pull ups

C) Jump Rope

D) 10 Bodyweight Squats with proper form

I have more “basics” to add to the above list, BUT, movements such as push ups should be a staple in every athlete’s daily ritual.

– Most athletes skip breakfast because they don’t have time. Translation: “I’m too lazy and not dedicated enough to wake up early and cook myself my own breakfast.

It’s time for athletes to start working on inches.

In Strength,


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