Manasquan NJ

I ALWAYS speak to the athletes of The Underground and the Coaches I consult with regarding cross training to improve overall athleticism in their sport of focus.

Listen to a former 3 sport athlete from NJ, currently a Pro MMA Fighter, as he talks about how he used Football, Wrestling and Sprinting to make himself a more dominant athlete.

If all you do is play Football, or ONLY Wrestle, or ONLY Basketball…..

You are limiting your TRUE potential in performance.

SERIOUS athletes and open minded parents / Coaches understand this.

Those who don’t will eventually lead the athlete to burn out and overuse injuries.

Lead from the FRONT.


PS: We have a few spaces open for membership at The Underground Strength Gym in Edison. We only accept Serious athletes with supportive, open minded parents.

After reading our Membership Application Requirements HERE, if you feel you are a good fit for our program, feel free to call us or e mail us to schedule your trial workout / interview process.

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