Manasquan NJ

Nj wrestling has repeatedly brought up some of the best wrestlers in the country. Many of the wrestlers from NJ move out of state to wrestle in Pa., Ohio, Iowa and Minnesota.

Now that Rutgers University has Coach Goodale, looks like a boat load of these kids are rethinking the “move away” idea and NJ Wrestling at the collegiate level may very well be in top form with the rebuilding of Rutgers.

College level is a whole new animal: the wrestlers are extremely strong, aggressive, explosive and their mental toughness is on a completely different level.

Imagine the edge you could get over your competition as a high school wrestler if you were given the opportunity to get the unfair advantage with extreme mental toughness, dominating strength and explosive power.

Training at The Underground Strength Gym of Edison, NJ will give you that unfair advantage. Our results speak for themselves.

Check out the video below…. you won’t be killing it like the beasts in this video unless you’re physically and mentally prepped to dominate

So I must ask you, “What are you doing differently this year compared to last year to give you that unfair advantage over the competition?”

Most wrestlers are all talk, little to no action when it comes to doing the extra stuff. Sure, they go to wrestling clubs, but so does your competition.

What are you doing differently and what are you doing that is better than your competition?

Kill it!

–Coach Z–

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