Manasquan NJ

I love training combat athletes.

These athletes require serious mental toughness, strength endurance, power endurance and overall high octane conditioning.

We use Russian Kettlebells to develop a “different” type of strength.

No lying down, no sitting down, no rest….

Below is your truly killing it with what I dub the “Combat Complex” – holding the camera is Dan White, currently a D 1 wrestler and a 3 time prep national champ.

He was preparing for his stay at the Olympic training center….

Dan rocked the combat complex with the 36 lb kettlebell, I am showing you the pain with a 70 lb kettlebell!

No Mercy!

Kill it!

–Coach Z–

PS: The Underground Strength Gym is fast approaching our limit of 40 clients. If you contact us when membership is full you will be placed on our waiting list until a space becomes available.

PPS: All interested athletes go through a Free Trial workout – this allows us to see if you are ready and committed to what lies ahead of you. It’s not for everyone, and not everyone is accepted into our program.

Call us if you want to get a serious advantage over your competition: (732) 379-9370