Manasquan NJ

These guys make me proud…. Anthony Ashnault & Ray Jaz…..

Monday night, Ray Jaz shows up at 7:30 to train, unannounced…. after a looong weekend of wrestling in Va. and cutting weight from 128 to 113, he was FULL of energy. He trained till 8:30 that night, doing at least 3 x the amount of work as any other wrestler did that day!

THIS is what it takes to become a champion….. other athletes are “too tired”, “too busy”, “too sore”, etc.

Other wrestlers insist on going to a wrestling club on top of the 6 x week practices and matches…. this is the old adage of it use or lose it…. wrestling more In season isn’t the answer, but doing what others do NOT do in season IS the answer….

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

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Then…. last night, Anthony Ashnault rolls up, the night before a BIG match against fellow Undergrounder, Jordan “Buckwheat” Pagano.

Most wrestlers won’t train the night before a match, but some will squeeze that workout in, knowing the small extras lead to BIG wins.

Look at this BIG win Anthony secured in Va. against one of the nation’s best wrestlers, Joey Dance, and, check that final 10 second Throw!!!

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

I’m proud of the guys who step up and do ALL the small things that lead to BIG victories.

This is NOT just about sport, this is about LIFE, and when you train at The Underground, we prepare you for LIFE… forever!

In Strength,

Team Underground

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PPS: These guys aren’t champions because they do 1 thing…. instead, they do ALL the little things that add up to BIG victories. They separate themselves from “the pack” by training at The Underground, with our non-traditional methods, battle tested and proven, they gain the edge.

WHAT do YOU do to get that advantage?