Manasquan NJ

Wrestler Training at The Underground Strength Gym

Here we are, wrestlers from all around NJ traveling to The Underground to become BEASTS! In this video you’ll see wrestlers from Plainfield, Spotswood and Old Bridge. They attend wrestling clubs such as CJA Wrestling Club and The Edge School of Wrestling. YES, I am ALWAYS this crazy when I train our athletes! I LOVE […]

The Best NJ Wrestlers Pimp Their Rides!

Derek DeLaCruz, a wrestler from Bishop Ahr in Edison, NJ and Ray DeLaNuez, a wrestler for Edison High have been rockin’ the Mini Vans since day 1. Hey, if Mom & Pops hook you up with a ride that does the speed limit and hits 20 MPH while driving up hill you take it! Ray […]

Underground Strength Gym In Washington!

Underground Strength Gyms are not your typical performance center for athletes. And of course, your typical athlete will not survive inside an Underground Strength Gym. We don’t expect freaks to walk in and be ready to GO, but, we do expect serious work ethic and heart, If you’re weak or out of shape yet have […]

Edison, NJ Nutrition at The Underground Strength Gym

Above, Mike Gudango, co-creator of GI Nutrition Supplements, Shown Floor Pressing 225 lbs + 360 lbs of chains, now being offered at The Underground in Edison, NJ. OK – Pretty fired up at the poor nutrition habits I’ve been seeing at the gym lately, which in turn has resulted in less than optimal performance. The […]

The Power House of Edison, NJ

Anthony Rosamilia, a wrestler from Bishop Ahr High School, weighs 105 lbs, but he tears through a 250 lb tire and wrestles at The CJA Wrestling Club. Those are 2 LETHAL weapons right there. Drop your comments below! Peace! –Z– PS: Want to be a member of The Underground Strength Club? Call or e mail us […]